Summer Solstice Run, 23-25 June, 2017

20170623 090425  All present and ready to go including our very special support vehicle. We started in Lewiston, NY. IMG 1547  First stop at the Singer Cherry Farm, Appleton, NY. IMG 1541  Everyone was anxious to see what a cherry farm had to offer. IMG 1544  Lots to see and buy. Amongst the favourites were choclate covered cherries.
IMG 1545  Garlic scapes are the flower head of hardneck garlic. These ones are about to be roasted in the oven. IMG 1549  After the garlic scapes came out of the oven they were offered for all of us to try.  They are delicous and many people came back for handfulls of seconds and thirds. IMG 1550  Lunch was next at the Black North Lighthouse Restaurant in Kent, NY.  It was raining very very hard at this point and all the cars with soft tops were testing the water resistance of their tops.  Unfortunately they failed miserably as did the occupants. IMG 1551  Lunch was great food and conversation and a respite from  the rain.
IMG 1553  Pit Stop at the D&R Depot Restaurant. IMG 1554  Peter gives an explanation of what a "Barn Quilt" is and what lay ahead for us to discover. IMG 1555  This is a barn quilt.  A single block of quilt that was painted on the side of a barn.  There were many as we travelled on our journey. Each one was different. IMG 1556  We passed on a stop at the JELL-O Museum and this was as close as we got.
IMG 1558  Dinner cruise on the Canandaigua Lady. IMG 1563  All set for dinner. IMG 1562  Awaiting the meal. IMG 1561  More waiting for their meal.
IMG 1564  Even more waiting for their meal. IMG 1566  Kelly and Leslie enjoying a libation after dinner on the open deck. IMG 1569  Al, Garry and Carmen in deep conversation about something very important relating to cars I'm sure. IMG 1572  The party gets better and better.
IMG 1575  Kelly and Leslie after enjoying several libations. IMG 1574  Lois and Jan in serious conversation while Lenore just relaxes. IMG 1582  Driver's meeting on Saturday morning. IMG 1581  Good morning gals.
IMG 1580  Thumbs up from Carmen while Kelly and Vicky muse. IMG 1584  In Hammondsport we toured the Curtiss Museum. IMG 1583  Pit stop at one of our second favourite porta potties. IMG 1587  Lunch at Castel Grish, Watkins Glen plus local wine and beer.
IMG 1589  Lunch on the patio overlooking the vineyards decending to the Lake was very enjoyable as Lois indicates. DSCN0695  Bud Moulson caught us on the beautiful and smooth roads of the Finger Lakes DSCN0721  Millionaires row which we enjoyed from the lake side on the dinner cruise.   This is from the land side. IMG 1592  We stopped at the Internationjal Motor Racing Research Center where we saw an excellent movie about the history of the racing at Watkins Glen.  Afterwards we drove on the old circuit where the cars drove through the village and up into the country before retrning to the village to complete a lap.
IMG 1593  Joy, Vicky, Lynda and Kelly wonder what all the fuss is about an F1 Car that Bruce McLaren drove. IMG 1591  Leslie holds a scale model of a Bugatti. DSCN0711  Last stop of the day for a refreshing ice cream cone. IMG 1597  Our party by the lake photo bombed by Andrew and Russell.
IMG 1600  Vicky and Herb enjoying the evening at the bar patio at our hotel. IMG 1601  Our tour guides Bud and Leslie take a selfie. IMG 1602  Pete and Lynda do not take a selfie. IMG 1604  Ahhhh!!!. What a romantic couple
IMG 1605  Wind was getting too much for Bruce. IMG 1607  The happy group enjoying a late evening dinner. IMG 1608  More of the same.